Workshop Conducted As Part of an IPA Project

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Within the context of the project “Technical Assistance for Fight against Informal Economy and Improvement of Administrative Capacity of the Turkish Revenue Administration”, a meeting was held in May 2016 at Ankara Hilton Otel with the participation of the Head of Department Mr. Faruk Gözübüyük, the Head of Group Mr. Veyse Tekin, Uğur Akdoğan who is responsible for the first phase of this project, consortium partners PwC Turkey, PwC UK and TEPAV academicians Ahmet Burçin Yereli and Gülay Yılmaz.

Tom Dane, Diane Hay, Caroline Pöschl, Andrew Wilson and Özge İskit from PwC UK shared their experience and views on measuring the size of informal economy and cost of tax compliance and proposed their ideas for reports and studies what will be written and conducted for this project.

TEPAV representatives Emin Dedeoğlu and Seda Başıhoş did a presentation on estimating the real GDP of countries, regions, cities and districts by using data on night lights measuring the intensity of artificial lights spreading in the distance due to the use of electricity from countries. They also argued that this method shall be used for measuring the size of informal economy in Turkey.

It was decided to determine what to expect from the work to be carried out within the scope of the project to measure the size of the informal economy and to calculate the tax compliance costs, and to decide on the roadmap as soon as possible. In addition, evaluations were made on the content of the study visits to other countries and on the country selection.