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In January 2018, , a workshop regarding analyzing Turkish tax legislation and determining the legislative gap which causes informality was organized in Afyon with the participation of selected TRA and PwC staff. During the workshop, evaluations and suggestions have been shared in the topics following:

- Tax legislation in Turkey, legislation in concern with revenue and expense, other regulations related to tax legislation were evaluated separately.

- Problems caused by different legislations and implementations of construction, estate, tourism and entertainment sectors were identified and discussed.

- With regards to foreign trade regime and e-commerce, problems caused by legislation were discussed and suggestions were shared.

- Administrative, legal and systematic arrangements applied in EU member states with regards to fight against informal economy and best practices were examined.

- The role of data analysis in fight against informal economy was evaluated.

- Solutions with regards to systematic infrastructural needs for legislation and implementation were discussed.

A report containing assessments of this workshop and previous ones will be prepared and shared with public.

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