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(The Measurement of the Dimension of the
Informal Economy, The Dynamics of the Informal Economy and the Cost of Tax
Compliance Conference


The International
Congress on Political, Economic and Social Studies (ICPESS) organized by the
Political, Economic and Social Research Center (PESRC) together with Sakarya
University will take place in Istanbul on 24-26 August 2016.

Dr. Friedrich
Schneider, Colin C. Williams and James Alm will make presentations in the areas
of measurement of informal economy, dynamics of the informal economy and cost of
tax compliance, and a panel will be held to evaluate the progress shown in the
strategy of fighting against the informal economy. The representatives of
Revenue Administration will also participate in the event.

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Evaluation Meeting on Informal Economy in the International Transportation


A meeting will be
held in the 3rd floor meeting room of the Turkish Revenue Administration on Monday, June
20, 2016 at 14:00 in order to evaluate "Problems and Solutions in the
International Transportation Sector" with relevant institutions and sector

Address : Gelir
İdaresi Başkanlığı Devlet Mahallesi Merasim Cad. No:9/1 Çankaya / ANKARA 

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